All-Nutrient products are 100% vegan, Sulfate-free. Amine-free, DEA-free. MEA-free, Betaine-free. EDTA-free, Paraben-free. Gluten-free. Cruelty-free.

Colorsafe Shampoo $15.00

Colorsafe Conditioner $15.00

Hydrate Shampoo $15

Hydrate Conditioner $15

Restore Shampoo $15

Restore Conditioner $15

Smooth Shampoo $15

Volumize Shampoo $15.00

Volumize Conditioner $15.00

ClarpHx® Treatment is a gentle conditioning treatment containing a unique, sarcosine amino acid that acts as a chelating agent to remove harsh minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, and manganese deposited by hard water. It further purifies pool chemicals, medications, and residue build-up. Aloe Vera's natural enzymes help rejuvenate the hair and restore the pH balance of the scalp, while stimulating the production of moisturizing lipids. This entire system clarifies the hair while nourishing each strand, leaving it healthy and shiny. 

Clarphyx Shampoo $16.00

Protein Complex $16.00

Protein Complex is an intensive treatment that repairs damage to over-stressed, porous hair. Active Keratin Proteins rebuild the polypeptide chains deep within the cortex to restore internal strength and protect the hair, leaving it healthy and rejuvenated. Rich in essential fatty acids, Rainforest Cupuaçu Fruit imparts lubricity and shine to dull, brittle areas. Hydroxyproline and Tyrosine work together to infuse moisture into the hair for complete restoration.

Pure Oil $22.00

A blend of moisturizing, deep-penetrating all-natural oils, this product produces dramatic results on the hair, scalp, and skin. Rainforest Cupuaçu and Shea Butter impart shine and increase elasticity. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Alpha-Bisabolol (derived from Karite Fruit Oil) hydrate the hair and restore suppleness, which enhances the result of any chemical service. Chamomile, loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and essential oil compounds, helps soothe the scalp, making it great for even the most sensitive of skins.

Hair Proteinizer is a lightweight, leave-in reconstructor that contains vital Keratin Proteins and Keratin Amino Acids to effectively repair damage and strengthen the hair from the inside out. Coconut and Jojoba Oil fill the cuticular layer of each strand to restore softness and elasticity. Rainforest Cupuaçu Fruit imparts lubricity and shine to dull, brittle areas to keep the hair hydrated and healthy.

Proteinizer $14.00

Texxure $12.00

Texxure+ is a hydrating styling cream that instantly smoothes the hair, while creating weightless texture and hold.Its moisture-rich formula softens each strand to eliminate frizz and fly-aways for a shiny, silky finish.

Spray Gel $12.00

Mousse+ $14.00

Motion Soft Gel $13.00

Gel+ $12.00

Name this Stuff $30.00

Name This Stuff softens, relaxes and smoothes the hair for a straight, sleek finish. This styling treatment seals split ends and locks in color to ensure long-lasting results. With a cumulative keratin effect, hair becomes frizz-free with healthy, radiant shine.

Dailyphx $24.00

DailypHx™ is routine therapy that recovers hair, every day. A regenerative
blend of vegetable proteins and natural oils maintains the proper moisture
balance and level of pH, creating the optimal environment for healthy hair. A
multifaceted, protein-based complex restores hair fibers, reinforcing the
surface of each strand and smoothing the cuticle for improved strength and
softness while delivering anti-breakage benefits. Natural oils detangle the hair
and reduce frizz and static, all while enhancing shine.

Firm Hair Spray $18.00

Spa cream $3.00

Define pliable Detailer $12

Cute Girly tweezer $2.00

Huge Detangling Comb $3.00

Wet Brush $4.00

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