The new prices go into effect on Wednesday, 8/7/18. I waited 3 years instead of 2 to increase prices because I was waiting for the economy to improve.  I have  raised prices  by $1 on shampooing, styling, and  all chemical services.  But my actual hair cutting price  remains the same for several yrs. If you purchase several services you might see a $3 increase in total.

We have lost a few special Hairbytricia clients this year who have passed away. They will be missed, and it makes me appreciate you more knowing that our time on earth may be short. I am so happy to get a chance to know you and cherish my time doing your hair, and sharing a few minutes every month with you. <3

We have learned a few things. January can be cold, snowy, icy and depressing! How does this affect our hair?

When you feel down, due to illness, loss, being shut-in,  you don’t like the way you look! Some customers have been calling with “Hair Emergencies” in January. This means they are at the end of their rope and they feel they need something drastic to feel normal again.

Sometimes a whole new look is in order, HOWEVER! this takes some thought. It’s best not to make huge decisions when you are down.   I will suggest a few things to help:

  1. Book a wash/cut/style with me. We can refresh your winter fly-away/flat hair and I can teach you how to style it with the right product to add more volume.
  2. Add a few highlights. This will give you a visual brightness and an emotional lift with little commitment.
  3. Let me help you adjust your root color to be a bit warmer in tone.
  4. Longer hair ladies- Lets cut a good inch or 2 off the bottom to add bulk and give you time to think about a possible shorter style for summer.
  5. a clarify/deep conditioning treatment is great for you at any time!
  6. Let’s be glad January is over and think about SPRING!

I hope these ideas help and I look forward to seeing you!

HI Friends!

A big snowstorm is coming tomorrow, so I have extended hours today so you can avoid driving on Thursday! Click- Schedule Now!

Lots of goodies for your hair came in this week. You can buy them for gifts to yourself!

Of course we have Gift Certificates right from our website as well!

If you look ahead, you will see that I am open late on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to make up for the Thursday night . If you need a color you may grab the spot now. I encourage you to grab all your holiday hair appointments now so you can relax. See you soon!

Hi Friends!

We will be closed for a week beginning Saturday, August 12 and ending Friday, August 18.

The days surrounding this week are filling up fast. Please book your next appointments now to get the best spots. Thank you!

We now have Sorme’ makeup which heals skin as you wear it. high quality, lasting colors.

We also carry Refinee’ serums. I will try it on you when you come in!

Based on your survey responses, we have a new color scheme in the salon!

Here are some pics:

New wall colors!

New wall colors!

We have been adding some new pieces of furniture and I need some advice from you for the next steps!!

Please fill out this tiny survey! Salon decor questions  Survey

I’m excited! I have been decorating a little at the shop and at home. It really puts me in the Christmas spirit!

I sent out a newsletter today, hope you got it.

If not it is a reminder that you can buy HBT gift certificates right here on the website home page.

Also my jewelry catalogs are great and items arrive in a week.

Lots of pretty stuff at good prices.

I have to make a dent in my Christmas shopping!

have a great season!

Here is a Christmas song I wrote with some friends, Paul Dempsey, Rob Wood: